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The CER Medical Institute is a dedicated research center focused in phase II-IV clinical.

Our institution is a vital part of the health system that brings science and technology closer to the community through a solid experience focused on training, commitment and medical humanism.

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CER Instituto Médico is located in Quilmes, Buenos Aires on an avenue, easily accessible by public and private transport.
The population of the area has been estimated at about 9,000,000 inhabitants.

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Institute's Research Area

The CER Institute has its grounds on a around 6.500 square feet surface, specially designed on modern architecture concepts.

It has infrastructure and equipment specially appointed for drug research demand

  • A naturally-illuminated spacious waiting room
  • Six fully equipped medical offices
  • Conference room
  • Fully equipped auditorium for up to 80 people
  • Exclusive office for coordination, monitoring and/or third-party auditors
  • Central air conditioning

Diagnosis and Treatment services

CER offers ambulatory care through the following services

  • Radiology
  • Densitometry
  • Day Hospital with:
    • Laminar flow
    • Recliners
    • Disabled restroom
    • TV and functional music
    • Emergency specially trained and equipped staff