The goal is the development of a translational medicine unit.

The National University of San Martin through the IIB-INTECH and CONICET signed a agreement with the Instituto Médico CER form Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The goal is the development of a translational medicine unit with latest technology focused in research diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in rheumatic diseases. This new challenge has added to the clinical research unit of the CER Medical Institute.

We face a new scenario in which CROs are involved from the very beginning of the discovery process. In response to the challenge of the new demands is that since 2011, together with basic researchers and articular foundation, we have generated 4 patents that include: specific monoclonal antibody, lentiviral vectors encoding TßRII-SE fused with the Fc domain, highly pure recombinant fusion protein for diagnosis and treatment in oncology and autoimmunity.

The clinical research experience of our trialists has allowed us to enrich the findings of basic science by providing experience in the development of protocols, access to patients and data collection.