The CER Regulatory Start-Up (or RSU for short) sector receives, submits and tracks the regulatory files to be submitted to the IRB and CCIS of the MoH of Buenos Aires. It also accesses, generates, stores and carries out the files required to perform the clinical study.

It's key for a correct arrival of regulatory packages from the designated investigators as well as the communication with the client (CRA / Sponsor / CRO's).
Intereacts with the rest of the team to guarantee the processes, obtaining the necessary documentation for the clinical trial to meet the required deadlines.

Providing great experience, with professionalism, quality, proactivity and flexibility, the RSU is organized to carry out its function within the committed times, with responsibility in the project development, and establishing lasting trust based relationships on its high quality of service.

CER's RSU provides the client tools to anticipate the needs of each project, obtaining a successful work from start to finish.