Our Services

The CER Institute has its grounds on a 600m2 surface (around 6.500ft), specially designed on modern architecture concepts.

The institution works deeply towards establishing processes that allow, as safely as possible, to meet the set goals. Though these are based on written procedures especially designed and in constant evolution, the organizational culture, relying on lean thinking, identifies functional contact areas in which work is performed in depth through the constant mapping of each of the involved areas. Thus, it is possible to reach high standards in the trial logistics, from the reception of documents to the sending of biological samples.

Quality assurance is performed by external consultants through an internal monitor and systematic audits which contribute to our constant improvement.

CER medical institute has a multidisciplinary team of clinical researchers, paramedics and administrative staff with solid clinical research experience with constant training in GCP and other regulatory aspects of the sector.

Organized to complete adequately and in reasonable times key processes such as feasibility, budget, regulatory, start-up, recruitment, work-flow, etc.

It has infrastructure and equipment specially designed for the demands of research with drugs.

  • A naturally-illuminated spacious waiting room.
  • Six fully equipped offices.
  • Conference Room.
  • Fully equipped Auditorium for up to 80 people.
  • Exclusive office for coordination, monitoring and/or third-party auditors.
  • Central heating and air conditioning.

Diagnosis and Treatment services

CER offers ambulatory care through the following services

  • Locomotor System Simple Radiology
  • Osseous Densitometry
  • Day Hospital
  • Musculoeskeletal Ultrography

Day Hospital

This sistem allows to perform ambulatory, some treatments to patients that would require them to be hospitalzed because of its complexity or their risk. The particular feature is this one-day treatment, which allows the patient to being close to it's family and affections; sometimes leading to an early discharge.


  • Medication ready laminar flow
  • Recliners
  • Disabled ready bathroom
  • TV and functioncal music
  • Emergency specially trained and equipped staff.