New Life for Anmat

Together with the new government (Macri administration) National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT, MoH) seems to have a new ímpetu to clinicals trials. In this sense ANMAT states.

“...ANMAT declares that it adopts a proactive position to boost the development of clinical research and it reaffirms its commitment to the society in order to ensure that such actions are ethical, equitable, efficient and developed in a transparency framework” (ANMAT and Clinical Research, March 21 2016)

“ANMAT should go towards finding opportunities for improvement in all clinical research actors to continue working in the big leagues” Said Andrea Padovani MD official ANMAT during the R&D Day GSK (Buenos Aires Jun 7 2016). “We are working in a new normative in order to support the Argentine clinical trials in line with the highest standards of quality” Dra Padovani added.

Original Document PROVISION 4008/2017 HIGHLIGHTED